Karuma falls

Karuma Falls is on the Kampala–Gulu Highway, immediately south of where the highway crosses the River Nile. Karuma Falls is approximately 97 kilometres (60 mi), by road, northeast of Masindi and approximately 77 kilometres (48 mi), by road, south of Gulu, the largest city in Northern Uganda.

These spectacular Karuma Falls are found in Chobe at the extreme east of Murchison falls National park, Northwest of Uganda. The area in which the falls are found is also called Karuma in Kiryandongo district. The name Karuma meaning great spirit in the local Luo language, was derived from a belief that a spirit arranged the rocks that break the waters of the river to form the falls. We have the Karuma bridge that helps vehicles and people cross the waters, initially the bridge was constructed to ease the movement of the cotton farmers. There was also a time that fortunately phased out, where the LRA rebels attacked people from the Karuma bridge. The current government managed to bring safety and stopped the rebels, the bridge is totally safe now and security is always deployed at the bridge. However, stops at the bridge are prohibited as well as taking pictures.

Karuma Falls are also part of the Nile, they are the entrance of the Nile waters into Murchison falls National park.  The Karuma falls is part of the Nile that bisects the Park into the North – being in Murchison falls National Park and Southern part – being in Karuma wildlife reserve. As you pass via the Gulu-Kampala high way, you will be able to see the falls from the Karuma bridge, for a better view you can stop at a certain point about 200 meters before the bridge.

The falls are close to Chobe and Wankwar Gates in Murchison falls National Park. The closest accommodation to Karuma Falls is Chobe Safari lodge. There is also Karuma Power station near the falls. You can access the falls by road using the Gulu – kampala highway.


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