1 day Murchison falls National Park

1 day Murchison falls, Hike top of the falls, Game drives

1 day Murchison falls Safari is a a short adventure in the wilderness, Visiting Murchison falls National Park to have a blink at the unbeaten Uganda Savannah experience. From the renowned Murchison falls full of unending insights to the inviting Murchison wildlife, you get to explore a short menu of its recipes.

Murchison falls Safaris normally begin with a hike at the top of the falls, to feed your eyes with the swashing Melody of the roaring and rumbling Murchison Falls also known as Kabalega Falls, flowing on its journey across its rough rock path of the white Nile river that serves in between Lakes Kyoga and Albert. The Falls pause a rare gesture found nowhere else, forcing itself through a squeezed gorge before it completes its way to Lake Albert.

Be welcomed by the remnant rift valley walls that Pave way to the tumbling Murchison falls, begin with a Murchison falls Hike to the top of the falls. The top of the falls is a futuristic insights that exposes hundreds of secrets, the Might falls gushes through the old rocks in a squeezed narrow gorge to form a bliss pool of river that meanders from the bottom to feed the game. The falls attract water loving birds and some of the aquatic life.

After the hike, prepare for a 2-3 ours boat cruise that presents astonishing displays of wildlife and the whirling water birds like falcons, kingfishers, owls, Fish eagles, herons, among others. This is magnificent spot for your best photo shots, the lazy orange equatorial sun rays offer a convenient tranquil of Murchison falls Wildlife. You will sport at Giraffes, elephants, antelopes, warthogs, among others.

After the Nile-Lake Albert Delta Experience, Have Lunch at your preferred accommodation with in the park and later Summarise your day with an evening game drive to sight at the game. Murchison falls National Park is magical Open Savannah that hosts hundreds of carnivores and herbivores. Some of the sturbon ones tend to keep in the Open, while the shy ones love busking and resting under the shade. Our guides will guide you off the Off the beaten path to trace and watch for the game with your naked eyes.

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