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Murchison falls National Park

The Inside Murchison falls National Park has a lot to offer on a Murchison falls Safari Uganda. From it’s open Savannah that never fails to impress to the visitors in the park, A traveler is rest assured of falling in love with the mothers nature store.

With Lake Victoria-Africa’s largest lake by area, the world’s largest tropical lake and by no doubt the world’s second largest fresh water lake by surface area after Lake Superior in North America, it can be seen surging it’s way out through a catchy eyesight pentagon of rocks in a narrow gap.

The Murchison falls Safari gives Uganda Safari insights to the Murchison falls National Park wildlife like the African elephants and hippos. Don’t forget to see the humans’ closet living relatives-Chimpanzees in the Kaniyo Pabidi mahogany forest. And for the Birders, The Lake Albert Delta features most of your birds on the list, most known as a home to the rare shoebill storks. For a Murchison falls Fishing Safari, we have you covered, enjoy on spot fishing in the cascades of Karuma Falls.

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You will definitely find the Murchison falls that lend their name to the park in general. The falls were named by Sir Samuel Baker in 1864 as the first European to see the Falls and therefore named them Murchison after the President of the Royal Geographical Society Sir Roderick Murchison at that time. Later, under Idi Amin’s reign as president of Uganda in 1970’s, the name Kabalega falls was restored but it wasn’t legalised. Today the falls are still called Murchison falls.

The falls are the heart of the park as most of the interesting activities revolve around them. We have the boat ride on the Nile that ends with an enchanting view of the falls and the beginning of the thrilling hike to the top of the falls. Nearby the falls also lie the Uhuru falls that also pour their waters into the Victoria Nile.

The park also has the Buligi tracks that take you through the park’s Savannah woodlands and grasslands, acacia trees and riverine vegetation that all harbour giraffes, kobs, jackson’s haertbeests, jackols, bushbucks, four of the big five that is the elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes. These tracks are the most famous destinations for the game drives in the park.
The paraa area that most animals stay as it’s closest to the waters, mostly the hippos that keep in water the whole day. Even other animals can be found by the water bank as they take water, have a dip or just chilling by the water. The paraa area is also famous for the vehicle ferry that crosses the Nile that bisects the park.

There is also a petrol station within the park found in the Paraa area. This same area is also a starting point for most of the Game drives and also all boat launches. We also have the Karuma and Bugugu Wildlife reserves within the park. Karuma found in the extreme east of the park while Bugugu found in the extreme west of the park.

Still in the park we have the Kaniyo Pidi forest found in the south of the Murchison falls conservation Area, it has habituated chimpanzees that can be trekked. The forest also has camping sites and other accommodation within. It is ideal for bird lovers as you will not miss seeing birds like white-thighed hornbill, chocolate-backed kingfisher and the Puvel’s illadopsis that in East Africa is only found in Uganda. Forest walks can also be carried out in the Kaniyo Pidi forest.
We also have the Rabongo forest in Murchison Falls National park.

The forest covers only 4km and habours mostly endangered species of birds hence dubbed the name a birder’s paradise. It is ideal for educational trips as it offers a wide range of study material for students as well as researchers. The forest features the Wairingo River that camps and picnics are suitable near the river.

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