3 days murchison falls Safari

3 days and 2 Nights in Murchison falls National Park

Murchison falls National Park is an iconic destination for Winning Uganda Safaris worthy the Value of your Money, the 3 days Murchison falls Safari is tailored in mind to keep you close to a fountain of all Murchison falls Uganda insights, this is not just a wildlife Safari but rather a Uganda Safari that bonds you to the historical great  explorers John Speke and James Grant who first Visited this stunning Savannah.

Murchison falls National Park registers hundreds of visitors who chose to fall in love with our secrets unfolding immediately as just after Masindi, a large city near this Savannah. Visitors on this Package stand a chance to enjoy all the Park cuisines inclusive of Game viewing(lions, leopards, buffaloes, hippos, wildpigs, hyenas, kobs, Monkeys, Giraffes, Antelops, Elephants, among others). Our trained tour guides with get you close to the mothers nature store, they know where the shy ones and the Kings do reside, some love the Open plains and offer a magnificent Picturesque as you whirl in the Game with our ‘Safari beasts’.

Hiking top of the Murchison falls

The thunderous Murchison falls is one of the most terrifying zones to believe that actually it floats and feeds the Savannah. A hike to the top of the falls gives authentic views to bird life that often come and parade near by the shores. The Gushing and Pondering sound of the Nile waters cascading to fit through a rocky defined gorge less than 10 metres wide is a magnificent scene found nowhere else but only here in Murchison. The plunge pool formed gives rise to spectacular miracles, a rainbow is formed as the result overlapping the rocky gorge. The Murchison falls Hike is just about 5-10 minutes and is not a tiring hike, Ages from 5 plus can find it as a soothing and adventurous hike.

You might need to carry a rain jacket, hiking boots and may be a cap because it’s here that the Nile showers you with its own waters as you hike to the top. Prepare your Water proof cameras and take your best shots.

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