Murchison falls National Park

Planning a trip to Murchison falls National Park

Murchison falls Safaris are  a fountain of majestic insights, You stand in an awe of an all alone experience. With the Murchison Falls National Park sitting on the shore of Lake Albert shores seen northwest Uganda. It’s known for Murchison Falls – a thunderous water falls that has secrets to reveal, You get into the unfully discovered tributary where the Victoria Nile River surges through a narrow gap over a massive drop.

Planning a trip to Murchiso falls

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Murchison falls Hike: The short hike is adventurous and can be a tiresome one, In about 15 to 20 minutes, you will get to the apex of the water falls to sight at the old rocks all lost out of color. You will need to carry afew items like Hiking boots, Rain coats, Comfortable clothes – don’t come with sweaters, they will be soaked with water. If you wanna feel the taste of the humidity around the serene Murchison falls, you might opt to leave out your Umbrella, however those that don’t love the Cold waters, then Come along with Umbrellas.

Game drives in Murchison falls. This is the spectacular time that never allowed me to twist or blink an eye. My adventure to Murchison was indeed a memorable one, Feeding your eyes with sweet jasmine nature views all around the Savannah that features a superlative scenery, set apart and maintained by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. This is the time to record your best shots, Prepare good cameras, Binoculars, Best Safari beasts (4 wheel Vehicles) and perhaps you will need a professional guide from one of the most trained local experts recommended for a Murchison falls Safari

Murchison falls Accommodation: Murchison falls National park features vast accommodation, from budget to mid-range to Luxury. Depending on your plan, you are rest assured to enjoy the best services. Some of the Hotels are located with in the park, We advise those preparing for the morning game activities to sleep with in the park so as to catch up with the Early game Viewing that features hundreds of early risers, Nocturnal retiring off from the plains and so many.

Getting to Murchison falls: Depending on where you come from., the park has about six gates you can use to enter. The park is bisected by the Nile and therefore has the Northern and Southern sections. Both sections have different gates that help you access the park.