Paraa, meaning home of the hippo in the local Luo language, is the park’s tourism hub.

Paara Murchison falls National Park originates from the phrase “Paraa“, a term in the local Luo language that means “Home of the Hippos”. Paraa is known to be the Park’s tourism hub and most of the accommodation in the park is found in the Paraa sector. It is Located in the North Eastern part of Murchison falls National Park, North of Uganda.
It is found in Nwoya district, Acholi sub region and within Murchison falls National Park. By road, it is approximately 305km from Kampala, 25kilometers southwest of Pakwach and about 86kilometers Northwest of Masindi.

The Victoria Nile cuts through Paraa and thus having the famous Muchison falls also known as the heart of the park. The Paara ferry that is there is to help connect people and vehicles from the South to the North and vis-vasa is also located in Paraa. All the access roads in the park lead to this ferry plus most game-drives, launch trips and nature walks commence at his point. There is also a fuel station that is very convenient for travellers in Paraa right when you enter the Northern bank from the ferry.

Getting there

Transportation in and around Paraa is by road and air, by road we have the Acholibur – Gulu – Olwiyo route which is suitable for people entering the park from the North, on this route the Nile is crossed using the Karuma bridge outside of the park.

Then we also have the Karuma – Olwiyo –Pakwach – Nebbi – Arua route which is mostly used to enter the park from the south, on this route the Nile is crossed using the vehicle ferry at Paraa. By air, there is Pakuba airport about 19km close to Paraa from the north. It can be reached by using a chartered aircraft from Entebbe International Airport or Kajansi Airfield near Kampala. There is also a Museum and gift shop found on the northern bank in Paraa.


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