Activities in the Park

Murchison falls National Park Nature walk

Murchison falls national park has a very wide for Murchison falls National Park Nature walks via the Open landscapes with a variety of sceneries and neighboring conservation areas which can be explored on foot during a walk or hike. When having walks through the park, there are trails that take you through Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo forests. These expose you to the sights of primates and wide range of bird species that include Blue-headed coucal, Goliath heron, grey crowned cranes, black-bellied bustards and a lot more.

There are also guided swamp walks where you have a chance to see birds like the swamp flycatcher, opened bill storks, the famous shoebill stork usually when water levels are low, this activity is done around the Nile Delta for about 2 – 4 hours.

For the bird lovers, there are shorter treks that start from Sambiya river lodge or Mubako junction, these are both found on the Southern bank of the park. While in the northern bank, there is also the trail from Paraa passing the Emmy river these walks are about 1 ½ hrs – 2 hours. The guides that take you through these enchanting walks are knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna in the area, you can interact with them during your expedition.