Activities in the Park

Sport Fishing in Murchison

Sport fishing in Murchison falls National Park is quite a rewarding Murchison falls Safari activity with full of cold Winter jasmine features, from the futuristic Nile Cruise that sets you on a complete Voyage on the Nile setting your traps by casting lures as your baits to trap the Nile fish.

The Murchison fishing Safari is for the avid angler and rewarding to those who love this activity, with much chances to land on the challenging Nile Perch referred to as “Mputa” or Cat-fish also referred to as “Semutundu” by the locals. These are the most thought of for any successful fisherman, they are worthy though challenging to Catch. Most of the common ones include the Tiger fish, Tilapia, “Ngara” (Genus Alestes), Electric cat-fish.

Well, you could be thinking of catching the most preferred specie, the biggest specie on the Nile, the Nile Perch, the largest to be caught ever on the Nile was 113 Kg’s, landed at at the water gauge opposite the crocodile pool, and the largest cat-fish was 45 Kg’s, landed near the Nyamusika Cliffs.

Fishing Safaris at Murchison Falls National Park

This is one of the adrenaline testing activity, and one of the most loved Sport on the Nile, the Safari involves setting your lures in the waters, this is one of the best method often used to trap and catch larger fish species, our Visitors on the search to trap the Nile Perch or the Cat fish, Must opt for this. The other methods used are preferably for those who want to opt for on spot fish catch, with the use of live baits like worms and termites to catch smaller fish species like the Tiger fish. The other Option available can the spinning method

Fishing Safaris at Murchison Falls National Park are an engrossing adventure and one of the leading sport fishing Safari destinations in Uganda, with a hundred percentage to trap and catch fish throughout the year, the Park features most of the award winning terrestrials unbeaten for this sport else where, the Victoria Nile being a hangout for the small ones that prefer rocky Surfaces, the bottom of the falls known as the Devil’s Cauldron that is a hideout for big species that can offer brilliant sport, and then the adrenaline testing fishing experience along the Nile which is not only home to fish species but due to its Mediterranean nature, the Nile attracts a school of crocodiles and Hippos(don’t worry we have mastered the art to fish along these river banks, we have trained experts who have spent most of their time spying on the uninvited ones).

Murchison Falls National Park has two major fishing sites most recommendable for travellers visiting Murchison falls, Nearby Paraa just below the Murchison falls(at the bottom of the falls) and the other being the Karuma falls at Chobe safari lodge. But sport fishing in the park is currently carried out mainly at the base of the falls either from the boat down the stream or from the rocks on the River bank.

Visitors opting to visit these pools of waters can either enjoy their Murchison falls Safari on a boat cruise or by hiking down from the top of the thunderous water falls to the gorge,a walk that lasts for over 45 minutes. The walk is quiet challenging and needs to have prepared for it, only those who are physically fit are encouraged to opt for this. With this you are recommended to move well equipped with your fishing equipment.As you enjoy catching fish there is always a chance to land on a huge catch; in terms of length, weight and girth. In fact record has it that the heaviest fish caught was 113kg and this was a Nile Perch.