Inside the park

Accommodation in Murchison falls National Park

Thinking for where to stay for an overnight in or Nearby Murchison falls National Park? Then lets guide you off the beaten path to dinner and sinner in a comfort zone, and may be to catch up with your Morning activities. This is not just accomodations but a second home from your main home that keeps you close to the mothers nature offerings in the jungle. Some of the Inside Accommodations in the Savannah are most often visited by the local residents that are friendly to people, however wild animals can be wild at anytime, so try not to get close.

There are so many Accommodations in Murchison falls National Parks that range from budget, Midrange to luxury lodges that you can choose for your stay keeping your self close to the Savannah. They are standard Safari lodges and the rates are Manageable. They cost between $40 to $500 per night. Most of these Game Park Hotels do arrange some safari activities within the park like Nature Walks, Horse riding, among others.

Murchison falls National Park Accommodations inside the Park

Murchison falls National Park  Accommodations Outside the Park