Budongo Ecolodge (UWA Concession) in Budongo forest

Budongo Ecolodge is one of the undiscovered pearls of Uganda inviting to all visitors who love sleeping in the Jungle secluded hearts of the Savannah. The lodge is Nestled in the heart of Budongo Central Forest Reserve, Marking borders with Murchison Falls National Park.

Budongo Ecolodge is covered and surrounded by the epic rain forests dating years back and showcase a rich Paradise with unique species found nowhere else but here in Budongo forest. The rich biodiversity is not only a habitat to hundreds of wildlife species not forgetting the Our closest Cousins by DNA make up- the Chimpanzees. Visitors at the lodge keep in spectacular insights of the forests inmates with over 360 species of birds, over 290 different types of butterflies and some of the oldest trees in Uganda

The lodge also offers four dormitory rooms each fitted with 2x Bunk Beds for a maximum 4 persons per room with shared, outside bathroom facilities for all. All our beds are fitted with mosquito nets.

Other lodge amenities include a spacious lounge with comfortable chairs, a terrace restaurant and a well-stocked bar, the perfect place for a refreshing drink before or after your forest activities, a small library as well as free Wi-Fi in the public areas.

Budongo Forest provides all the ingredients for an exciting jungle experience

Activities include Chimpanzee tracking, Chimpanzee habituation, birding tours, regular guided nature walk or make an unforgettable chimp tracking and watch our cousins from a close distance… an exciting African jungle experience.