Boomu Women's Group Bandas Budget Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park

Boomu Women’s Group Bandas originates from the derivative “Boomu” being a local word used by the natives to mean and symbolise “togetherness”. The Bandas offer a magnificent place of comfort and are situated at the sinking edges of the great Murchison falls National Park.

Most of the locals describe the phrase “Boomu” to mean together. And this is the exact purpose for this Boomu Women’s Group, they work in a group setting to benefit the Communities around. Most of the Procedes from this accommodation goes to supporting the lives of the locals and financing other local community Projects.

Boomu Women’s Group sits at the majestic wrath of the Murchison falls National Park edges, a tandem site to authentic nature offerings. The whirling birds give you comfort at this home, Everything set in a local setting, it binds you, to another gateway of life on the countryside. Visitors love to meet the locals who socialise with them, the whole experience with the locals gives a clear insight about how an African Man lives and strives to survive. You will get to know about the daily way to survival. It’s the only the rich culture that makes them proud.

Boomu Women’s Group are always ready to mix your day recipes with the traditional exhibitions, the never dying energetic dancers from Mubako perform around lodge campfires, making it a magical African experience at dusk. The Boomu Women’s Group not only offer accommodation and is an ideal spot for Back Packers but also will keep you soaked with the local cuisines, from the Local craft-shops owned by locals to the Village tours, it’s surely a thrilling adventure that reveals realities of life in this rural community.

Boomu Women’s Group sits in the remote village of Kihaguzi, the accommodation was put in place in 1999 with the art to fight Poverty in this area as well supporting their livelihoods through various traditional activities for visitors to have an experience with. The group was formed and lead by the local women who were primarily subsistence farmers and later thought of this, as an extra mile to fight the Poverty levels that had hooked this village.

Boomu Womens Group Bandas Accommodation Options

Boomu women’s group bandas offer magnificent and secluded bed rooms all protected and secured in enclosed grounds. There are a variety of bandas, single rooms, double rooms, twins and one larger space for accommodating groups. Some bandas have lighting from solar power and in the event of power-outages, they provide lanterns. One banda has been left as a traditional mud banda. There is a campground and campfire. Not forgetting that they have open air showers, composting toilets and hot water can be supplied in a jerry can on request.

There is an onsite restaurant that is a major place for you to dinner and sinner, sort of the rich place that wins the luxury comfort in this village. There are various meals that feature every travellers menu. Breakfast is served to visitors from the check in time at about 1200 hrs, check out time is always 10:00hrs

Getting there:

On your way through the lush Vegetation that spills with lots of offerings, drive just a few metres towards the edge of the Park, about 8 km to the eco-tourism Kanyo Padibi chimpanzee site. The majestic tall trees welcome you to the a local Village in the Pearl of Africa, a quiet destination that gives comfort.