Fort Murchison Safari Lodge - Mid Range Accommodation

Fort Murchison Safari Lodge is under Dutch and it’s owned by nature lodges or a safari lodge located in the northern part of Murchison falls national park known as the biggest and largest park that contains flora and fauna. The lodge is found in the eastern Pakwach built on the banks of the calm and gradual flowing Albert Nile.

In the previous Aswa lolim game reserve just a short range from the northern frontier of Murchison falls national park is where the Fort Murchison Safari lodge is situated. From its sites the outlook of Albert Nile is awesome. The outlooks of the River Nile reveal the true nature of a holiday in African wilds.

Fort Murchison safari lodge physically describes its name since the shape reverse the elegant put display from the Arabian times in Africa. It takes a setting Islamic fort or a sultan’s home long ago in the historic times. Fort Murchison merges an important part of history regarding African, Uganda specifically and the current time in Morocco. The structure appears such as a Moroccan Kasbah method housetop platform though it’s frankly historic because the disintegration of the Wadelai is close to Fort Murchison in about 30km interval.

Fort Murchison is constructed in grand design close to the Nile and the bold light up of past portrayed on its visible looks. The climate of the area is adequate for visitors who book for the lodge for their holidays in Murchison falls national park. Fort Murchison safari lodge is charming and shaped with old fabric sketches. The big fort Murchison tower is coloured with the brown colour of the earth on the walls which portrays the touch of the Swahili style.

The lodge is a budget accommodation choice in Murchison falls national park having about 12 self contained suite rooms. The chambers are well equipped with very relaxing beds and suite bathrooms provided with hot water from the eco-solar water heaters. The accommodation at fort Murchison safari lodge is provided from the nice rooms and grass thatched tents which falls perfectly in mid range and the budget safari plan hence this gives the advantage for the guests’ money.

The tents are wide and equipped with relaxing beds and actual cotton pillows. It also contains a bedside light to enable you read your preferred book as you sleep. All rooms have mosquito nets to prevent disturbances by the mosquitoes. There are enough towels in each room and extra sockets where you can charge your laptop or phone. Though the tents have shared bathrooms very tidy to enable you have a relaxing shower.

The standard rooms at safari lodge contain self contained suite bathrooms and the flashing toilets washed everyday to offer good sanitation at the lodge because the house keeping department does its obligation well.

The restaurant at fort Murchison provides the tasty dishes according to your own wish since the kitchen also prepares ordered individual dishes. The kitchen prepares and gives out four meals courses from the appetite prompting starters to the deserts. The warm reception is perfect. The service team is jolly and welcoming and ensures that you be amused by your stay at Fort Murchison Safari Lodge in Murchison falls national park.